Leser Type Safety Relief Valve


Success of our series of safety valves has gained us status of major manufacturer and exporter of steam safety valves, precisely engineered with high grade materials. Our range of spring loaded type steam safety valve is popular for its high performance even in challenging conditions. It is built with confirming ASME code section VIII. We offer piston operated and diaphragm operated safety valve. Steam safety valves are specially built to protect the system or instrument from overpressure of steam. It decreases over pressure with sound and safe way. It also prevents the spoilage of precious materials and products.

When pressure level reach up to predefining level, soon valve opened and release the steam to relieve the pressure. It’s again been closed on reaching preset pressure level. Thus it reliably reduces excess pressure.Our steam safety valves are efficiently used for the protection of system by automatic discharge of steam. It is used to avoid any accidental situation. It is designed as per API 527, API 520 and API 521. It is built as per ASME VIII. It is provided with requirement of pressure and seal. It is built confirming BS 6759 and DIN 3320. It facilitates with interchangeable parts to adapt the device easily. It can be realigning easily for the different need of application.

  • Compact model
  • lapped seat
  • leakage proof
  • best quality spring
  • accurate alignment